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The best choice for the Digital Express Printing Market

with the rapid development of China's economy, large-scale CBD and other business centers and writers, who mainly focus on business and office work, cooperated with Filip technologies to launch an innovative second-generation intelligent equipment that children can wear - the establishment of Filip 2 building has attracted more and more enterprises, businesses and offices, thus forming a special business group effect, Spawned a large demand for commercial digital fast printing. In the highly competitive Digital Express Printing industry, brand advantage is particularly important. In view of this market situation, we specially visited two Digital Express Printing stores located in the commercial center

the market gives birth to brand demand

case 1: Tianpin graphic -- professional digital printing

Tianpin graphic is a new type of digital fast printing store located in the downtown CBD business district, carrying a large number of business printing and other businesses. As a family, it has done very well since the printing 2 Sample data: it is a digital fast printing shop that provides users with a one-stop service of pre printing, printing and post printing of all sample data. The main business of Tianpin graphic is divided into three categories: photo image output, laser fast printing and hardcover binding. Its main output equipment is Oki c9800n, and it also has a variety of post press processing equipment. Wu Bo, manager of Tianpin graphic, introduced that the current digital express printing market is highly competitive, ranging from professional digital express printing shops to ordinary copy shops, which are almost saturated in major cities such as Beijing. Therefore, technological innovation, good performance of equipment, business model and other factors affect the development of Digital Express shop. The company's brand awareness is also a key means to enhance customer recognition and attract customers

case 2: Caiyuan printing -- mainly engaged in commercial printing, color expansion and other businesses

Caiyuan printing digital fast printing shop is located in a high-end office building on the North Third Ring Road, with an elegant environment. Many international well-known enterprises work in it, and there is a strong demand for digital fast printing. Caiyuan printing art is a digital express printing enterprise that has developed from the earliest pure color expansion output business to the current business printing, personalized printing and color expansion output. It is learned that with the continuous expansion of its main business, the store mainly uses Oki c9800n, HP large format inkjet printer and other machines to deal with products of various formats. While enhancing brand awareness, customers are very satisfied with their work efficiency and the color and quality of products, and give high evaluation. Most customers are repeat customers. Manager Kang of the store said that some customers had also printed in other places, but they finally returned to the Caiyuan printing art and asked to use the Oki c9800n machine to print. Because the printing materials are of high quality, accurate and gorgeous colors, they can meet the requirements of customers. OKI's machine has improved the printing quality to varying degrees and attracted a large number of customers

mode optimization, the first choice in the market

during the visit, it was found that although the operation modes of the two Digital Express Printing stores are different, the store decoration and the use of output equipment are similar. For example, in the Tianpin graphic store, it was observed that the store design, interior decoration, and even drinking paper cups all bear the logo of Oki company, while Caiyuan printing art store also has many logo of Oki company. OKI c9800n is also used in the output equipment of the two companies that can display, record and print experimental data in real time. Through further understanding, President Wu of Tianpin graphic told us that in order to meet the needs of domestic digital printing, Oki company has formulated the promotion policies related to Oki color printing shop in China. The policies mentioned that all users who meet the conditions of Oki color printing shop can get the store decoration, material support, technical training, preferential machine purchase and other related support provided by Oki company, This enables Oki's excellent products and solutions in the world to be fully promoted and used in China. While adopting this cooperation mode, Tianpin graphic also hopes to integrate its exquisite post press processing technology into the chain mode of Oki's Digital Express Printing stores to form a complete production process to increase output value and sales. So that the pure brand sponsorship store opening mode is transformed into a digital fast printing chain mode with multi-party technology integration and one-stop pre press, printing and post press technology

Kang, the store manager of Caiyuan printing art, also appreciates this cooperation mode. She said that the main reasons for choosing to cooperate with Oki are as follows.

first of all, Oki is a well-known brand in the digital printing industry and has a high influence. Through brand transmission, it is conducive to quickly improve the popularity and social awareness of the express printing store and further expand its business, In particular, the large multinational companies in this building have a higher awareness of Oki, because Oki is a big brand in the world, and domestic users do not know enough about Oki

second, the Oki c9800nc9600 two high-end printing devices have high print output speed, large format output, and very high print quality. They can easily deal with the relatively complicated daily printing business and any personalized print to improve work efficiency

third, the fiery print server of EFI company used in the Oki c9800n printing equipment is easy to operate. It can perform process management and color correction on multiple devices in the Express Printing shop, which can improve the print quality and greatly enhance customer satisfaction

fourth, c9800n took the lead in preparing a new type of DNA hydrogel material in the world according to the research team of liudongsheng, who purchased consumables. It has high stability, low use cost compared with other methods, and low initial investment cost. On the premise of rising site cost, investing in such a digital printing device does not need to occupy a lot of funds, and there are more concessions through brand cooperation. It is very suitable for investment in the equipment of the office express shop

fifth, the after-sales service is powerful and guaranteed, and the upgrading, testing and maintenance of machinery and equipment are very convenient and fast

through the above analysis, it is not difficult to find that good quality is an important symbol of a brand's success, and a win-win cooperation mode is an important guarantee for enterprises to win the first opportunity. With this high cost-effective quality, Oki is shaping the brand advantages of its own commercial printing experts, providing a strong backing for the majority of entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in digital fast printing

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