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Excellent cooperation between luotie and Martin automation

as a 43 year old luotie Machinery Co., Ltd., it enjoys a high reputation in the field of global trademark printing equipment manufacturing and has rich industry experience and technical advantages. The development of luotie has overcome various difficulties and setbacks. Every success and progress has inspired luotie people to face the challenges in the future. In the face of the era of economic integration, cooperation has become the most popular business term in recent years. At the 2008 druba exhibition, Luo tie signed a product license agreement with Martin Automatic Technology Company, the world's leading manufacturer of automatic paper receiving, unwinding, winding and tension control equipment, and reached a technical alliance. This is also the first time that Martin Automatic technology company has chosen to cooperate with other companies to manufacture products. Under the framework of the agreement, Luo tie machinery will participate in the manufacturing of Martin STS paper receiving machine and STR rewinder, and will be sold as a complete machine together with Luo tie's equipment

cooperation between Martin and luotie

talking about this cooperation, the Development Department of luotie Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that cost and technical cooperation are the key words in the cooperation between the two sides

as we all know, Martin Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. has strong scientific and technological strength in automatic roll changing and paper receiving. It is also the largest manufacturer of automatic roll changing and winding equipment in the world. Its business scope covers all over the world, but as an equipment manufacturer, if it wants to introduce Martin's technology or equipment, it has to consider the cost. Especially in Asia, with the rapid development of the printing industry, small and medium-sized enterprises want to reduce the loss of high unit price materials. Improving the scientific and technological content of equipment is an effective means to quickly enhance their market competitiveness, and appropriate cost input has always been one of the priorities of enterprises. How to help these enterprises reduce capital investment? Martin and Luo tie worked together to solve this problem just like the correct answer to the equation. Martin will cooperate with Luo tie to produce STS STR non-stop equipment and match it with Luo tie's C. I. D. series printing machines. Its introduction will combine Martin's technical advantages in non-stop unwinding, rewinding and tension control, and with Luo tie's rich experience in manufacturing label, packaging, daily chemical products and other printing and processing equipment. This combination of strength and strength not only improves the technical content and production efficiency of the printing machine, especially for Asian customers, It also solves the problem of high cost of imported equipment from abroad

the Development Department of luotie also said: the cooperation with Martin is more important for the technical exchange between the two sides. We will share the problems and experiences in manufacturing equipment with each other to improve the scientific and technological content of our equipment. Such cooperation can truly promote the continuous progress of both sides and create more advanced and competitive products

when talking about the cooperation, Mr. hekeming, general manager of Martin Automatic Technology Company in Asia Pacific region, said: Luo tie purchased a set of Martin's non-stop equipment many years ago and displayed it in several international exhibitions, which showed the company's interest and confidence in our equipment, and thus contributed to the cooperation. We have great confidence in the technology and integration ability of luotie. We believe that after luotie integrates our equipment into the printing press, luotie customers can enjoy our professional non-stop solution, thus having higher production capacity and lower loss. We also believe that we can create the best cost performance for customers

how to reduce costs

in the 2007 Brussels and Shanghai international label exhibition, the STS automatic unwinder and STR automatic winder of Martin Automatic technology were connected to the Luo tie printing machine to show together, so as to avoid the instrument being under load for a long time and causing strong repercussions in the industry. Manager Luo Tiechen Guanru introduced the advantages of this combination. Take Martin STS STR as an example. If the daily working time is 8 hours, the estimated waste material is 20 meters (the distance from feeding to receiving), the paper roll change time is 3 minutes, and the paper roll length is 1000 meters. The benefits it brings are:

I Increase production capacity (the same as the calculation of saving paper change time)

100 meters x 10 minutes = 1000 meters (a roll of paper)

1 hour (60 minutes) six rolls of paper can be used for sealing 10 minutes x 6 rolls of paper = 60 minutes

8 hours 48 rolls of paper can be used for 8 hours x 6 rolls of paper = 48 rolls of paper

3 minutes (paper change time) X 48 rolls of paper = 144 minutes (2.4 hours)

2.4 hours/8 hours = 30%

2 Waste saving

estimated waste for paper change: 20 meters (distance from feeding to receiving)

20 meters X 48 rolls = 960 meters

0.960/48 = 2%

in addition, it can save labor costs and maintain printing quality (tension unchanged). This is only the installation effect of the matching and combination of the two machines. There will be more surprises for the performance of the pw-260-r6c Mn type. Chen Guanru, manager of luotie, said: at present, a pw-260-r6c Mn type connected with Martin equipment has been produced in the factory of luotie. Many users have visited the factory and think that the performance and technology of the machine are excellent. They are also very confident in the cooperation between luotie and Martin. We will further improve the technology according to the market conditions and strive to promote new printing models, Let more users know and enjoy the high efficiency and excellent performance of our equipment

general manager he explained from the strength of Martin equipment itself that the cooperation with luotie will enable customers to obtain more quality assurance and save a lot of costs: Martin equipment has high efficiency, stability and durability. After some non-stop equipment manufactured by other manufacturers are installed, not only can the high priced printing machines not increase production capacity and reduce losses, but also make the printing machines in urgent need of production capacity, Due to the problem of not stopping the equipment, or the tension control is not ideal when changing the roll. Although the printer does not stop because of changing the roll, the whole process of changing the roll still produces considerable losses. Some non-stop equipment is only applicable to certain materials, but is not applicable when using some special materials, which puzzles the field operators, thus increasing the loss and reducing the efficiency. These are the difficulties Martin can overcome, so Martin's non-stop equipment is the best and most appropriate choice for customers

facing the crisis

in 2008, the global financial crisis triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis spread all over the world, and most industries were facing the most serious operational difficulties in history. In Chinese Mainland, the printing industry, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises in the south, have closed down one after another, which has been greatly impacted. The cooperation between Luo tie and Martin will undoubtedly be affected by the economic crisis. How do both sides view and solve the unavoidable economic environment

manager Luo Tiechen said: the economic crisis has indeed brought us some impacts. For example, some customers have delayed or cancelled their investment in the face of such market conditions, which has a great impact on our sales. At present, first of all, we should constantly maintain our old customers and lay a good foundation for future development, especially when the economic environment improves. In addition, we also actively develop new models, expand the influence of our cooperation with Martin, and let more potential customers know about our new equipment. After a market cultivation period, I think there will be better prospects

outlook for the label market in 2009

2009, not only the label market, but all industries are affected by the economic crisis, but this has not shaken Martin's confidence in cooperation with Luo tie. Facing the adverse economic environment and market competition pressure, Martin and Luo tie have given their own answers

general manager he believes that the domestic label market has grown rapidly in recent years. It is estimated that the market will automatically adjust when appropriate to make the market ecology more healthy and sound. Martin equipment has always been the standard equipment of major label manufacturers in various countries. The main reason is that when the market competition reaches a certain level, Martin equipment immediately becomes a must from the best. In the past 41 years, after a lot of competition, the main reason why Martin company can stand still is DD φ 32.60 dd φ 32.75 dd φ 32.90 dd φ 33.05, because we constantly acquire experience and knowledge from different fields and apply these experience and knowledge to label on-line solutions, the solutions we have developed are more superior and practical than those based only on the printing industry or label industry. At present, the international and domestic label markets are in a consolidation stage. We can find that some operators have not stopped their investment, but are actively investing in automation equipment, with the main goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Martin's equipment is an important investment direction

manager Luo Tiechen specially suggested that the manufacturer should focus on the long-term cost saving and efficiency improvement brought by this equipment to reduce the waste rate, and it is inevitable to be too arbitrary simply based on the one-time investment amount. Because the quality of printing will directly affect the quality of goods, enterprises should pay more attention to how to reduce the loss of daily production when considering the cost, and pursue more stable or even higher printing quality at the same time. The technical cooperation between luotie machinery and Martin company can take into account the printing quality and reduce the loss. It is the best choice for smart customers

Mr. luojinxiong, President of Taiwan luotie Machinery Co., Ltd. (front right) and Mr. Roger Cederholm, President of Martin Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. (front left) signed a product license agreement at the 2008 druba exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany

luotie pw-260-r6c Mn printer equipped with Martin STS automatic unwinder and STR tower winder

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