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Delta regional sensor detection and protection is an efficient choice

after the ps-r series optoelectronics Jinan assaying sensor upgrade and debut of a nationally renowned enterprise, this time we introduce a new member of delta sensor family - regional sensor

the principle of area sensor, commonly known as "light curtain" or "grating", is similar to that of the opposite photoelectric sensor. It detects objects by detecting that objects block the optical axis between the opposite transmitter and receiver. The difference is that the photoelectric sensor detects the presence or absence of objects at a certain point, while the area sensor can detect objects in a plane area

if there is an opportunity to exercise, if ordinary photoelectric sensors are used to detect the presence or absence of objects in a certain area, the required number of photoelectric sensors need to be installed in parallel. Obviously, it is much more convenient to install and adjust the area sensor than to install the optical axes of many photoelectric sensors in the same plane

light curtain was established by the University of Sunderland in 2014, which is divided into three categories: ordinary light curtain, safety light curtain and measurement light curtain. The area sensor launched by Delta this time belongs to a common light curtain, which can be applied to a variety of protection and detection scenarios:

1) detect falling workpieces with uncertain path. The photoelectric sensor can only detect and determine the presence of objects at a certain position. When the path and position of falling workpieces are uncertain, it cannot be detected. The light curtain can detect the presence of objects in a region to prevent missed detection

2) to prevent the wrong parts from being checked and selected, there may be many similar parts around the workers on the assembly line. In order to prevent the workers from loading the wrong parts, a light curtain can be installed outside each part basket. By setting a specific sequence and other methods, when the workers reach into the wrong part basket, they will immediately report to the police, so as to improve the product yield and quality

3) the new type of recycled plastic granulator with wide positioning area is continuously optimized and updated. When it is necessary to detect the presence of objects of different sizes or hollows on the line, it is easy to miss detection with photoelectric sensor, and the area sensor can solve this problem well

4) anti intrusion detection can be used for anti intrusion detection in the working area of small special machine tools to prevent operators from entering the dangerous area by mistake. It can also be used for anti intrusion detection of conveyor belts to prevent foreign matters from mixing into the conveyor belts

5) robot motion limit is used to prevent the robot from interfering with the surrounding protection when performing tasks. When the area sensor receives the logic response of exceeding the limit, it will actively activate the safety stop signal of the robot. The application of reasonable movement restrictions that meet the operation requirements can not only effectively improve the utilization rate, but also increase a safe barrier for operators

Delta area sensors can be widely used in automatic production lines in food and beverage, packaging, electronic component equipment, warehousing, machine tool industry, etc. In addition, the solid aluminum alloy shell and IP67 protection grade can calmly cope with various harsh environments such as humidity, oil pollution, dust, etc

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