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2010 has come to an end successfully. As a new consumption force, the post-80s generation has obvious marking characteristics in the consumption process, and these characteristics are gradually leading the whole consumer market to change quietly

as far as the post-80s generation of emerging forces are concerned, it is their good intention to advocate nature and simplicity

this feature is also reflected in the post-80s' preference and choice of home colors, the bold application of color matching, the uniqueness of color style, and the ability to come up with their own ideas in color design to create a different home world. They have set off a new round of “ Color wave ”. In the current variety of wall decoration solutions loved by the post-80s generation, we can find a common colorful life, pure environmental protection and interpretation of the post-80s' favorite. So far, in many cases, many post-80s families have chosen color styles such as environmental protection and ecology, warm harbor, blooming hope, leisure space and romantic eternity. In terms of children's room decoration “ Beautiful children's dreams ” Has become the mainstream. For example, “ Environmental protection and ecology ” The color design style advocates the concept of loving nature and protecting the environment, tastes the new green of the countryside, the blue of the ocean, and the clarity of the snow field, and puts forward “ Life comes from nature, health comes from environmental protection, with a great heart of love ‘ Net ’ Enjoy the care of nature, give the earth a green commitment, and build a harmonious beauty& rdquo; And other concepts are deeply loved by post-80s environmentalists. At present, in addition to the clean taste, scrub resistance, full effect and other properties of coatings, color is the product power that manufacturers and consumers pay most attention to. Its intuitive visual effect determines people's choice from the design level. The main reason is that clever color matching can enlarge the small space of home, create a harmonious atmosphere of home, adjust physical and mental health, show the master's character, relate to home feng shui, and contain the lucky color of constellation, Constantly perform magic in home decoration





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