Ten key points to save money in decoration

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Wang Lu

decorate the house in winter, and you can harvest a new house in spring. However, when decorating, we should not only worry about the details of design, materials and construction, but also beware of whether the contractor has cut corners and whether the finished products meet expectations. Rong360 offers ten key points of decoration here, so that you can save money and worry when decorating

1. Consult the designer before buying a house

many people consult the designer before decoration, which is a big misunderstanding. If you invite the designer to see the house type on the spot before buying a house, you can avoid buying the house type that cannot be transformed, so as to save a lot of expenses for transforming the house type

2. Consult professionals before decoration

decoration is a knowledge, and most owners are decoration for the first time, lacking practical experience. Even if relatives and friends have their own decoration experience, it is impossible to cover all the problems of the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to consult experienced professionals such as designers, engineering supervisors, decoration construction personnel, etc. before decoration

3. Don't just look at the price

although the lower decoration budget is more attractive to the owners, it is difficult to guarantee the decoration materials, construction quality, design level, etc. It is a risky behavior to choose this decoration company simply based on the budget quotation. Rong 360 Xiaobian suggested that the decoration company should be comprehensively considered

4. Communicate with the designer in time

when the designer puts forward the decoration idea to the owner, he will usually show the 3D effect drawing. If the owner finds that the designer has some thoughtless places, he must put forward it as soon as possible, otherwise it will be expensive and laborious to modify it after construction

5. Think twice before smashing the wall

think twice before construction, especially when smashing the wall. On the one hand, we should know what can be demolished and what cannot be demolished. On the other hand, we should know that the cost of demolition and construction is the same, and demolition is much easier than construction

6. The construction quality cannot be reduced

the labor cost during decoration is inevitable, and the quality must be guaranteed

7. Control decoration materials

the less materials are used, the easier it is to coordinate the style, and it can also reduce the time and labor cost of replacing constructors of different types of work in the decoration process

8. Choose furniture to be practical

your own decoration is to make people live more comfortable, so you should abandon those flashy things when decorating, but make it according to the actual situation

9. Don't consider permanence

many people love to consider its permanence when choosing things. In fact, it may be aimed at the era of material shortage. Now everything around is so colorful, “ Like the new and hate the old ” Your habits can surprise you from time to time

10. Make the ceiling simple

don't make complex ceilings on the ceiling, which is actually an outdated decoration. What is needed is to make smallpox simple and have enough space to stretch





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