How to smoothly handle the housing decoration loan

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Living environment has a huge impact on the quality of life, so decoration is very important for a family! But because the investment in the early stage of buying a house is too large, the cost of a good decoration will also be high, so some families can't bear this pressure. So how to smoothly handle the housing decoration loan of CCB

as far as I know, in such a market environment, CCB launched the housing decoration loan of CCB, so that borrowers can loan for decoration first and then repay slowly. This kind of loan decoration business has also been welcomed by our customers

the application conditions for housing decoration loan of CCB are as follows:

1 Have permanent urban residence or valid residence status

2. The certificate of property right of the house or the certificate issued by the property right unit of the house that the borrower has the right to use the house; If the property right of the house you want to decorate is your own, you need to have a property right certificate. If it's a unit's house, you need the certificate of your use right issued by the unit

3. Have a stable career and income, good credit, and the ability to repay the loan principal and interest on schedule

application materials for housing decoration loan of China Construction Bank

(I) the original and copy of legal identity documents (resident identity card, household register or other valid residence certificates)

(II) house property right certificate or house use right certificate with the borrower's name

(III) economic income certificate issued by the unit

(IV) housing decoration project construction contract

(V) if it is a mortgage loan, it needs to have the property right certificate of the collateral, the pledge list, the supporting documents of the person with the disposal right agreeing to the mortgage or pledge, and the collateral valuation report

(VI) written documents of the guarantor's consent to provide the guarantee and the guarantor's credit certificate

detailed handling process of housing decoration loan of CCB:

1. When applying for personal housing decoration loan of CCB, the borrower must apply at the business outlet where the business is opened, fill in the application form, submit relevant materials and handle relevant guarantee procedures

2. After the customer manager investigates, reviews and agrees, the loan contract can be signed after being approved by the competent approval department

3. The customer manager handles the loan procedures and transfers the funds to the borrower's personal settlement account in our bank, so that the customer can use the loan funds

4. Sign decoration agreements with decoration enterprises and pay decoration funds

although the interest rate of housing decoration loan of CCB is implemented according to the current national standard of loan interest rate for the same period, its interest rate is more advantageous than that of other loan institutions. Xiaobian suggests that you make a wise choice according to your actual situation




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