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Product features

1 High strength and early strength: the compressive strength in 1-3 days can reach more than 30-60mpa

2. High self fluidity: it can fill all gaps and meet the requirements of secondary grouting of equipment

3. Micro expansibility: ensure the close contact between the equipment and the foundation, and there is no shrinkage after secondary grouting

4. Strong durability: after hundreds of fatigue tests, the strength of 50 freeze-thaw cycles has no obvious change. After soaking in engine oil for 30 days, the strength is significantly improved

5. Winter construction is allowed: outdoor construction is allowed at -10c


1 Foundation treatment clean the foundation surface of the equipment, and there shall be no debris, laitance, dust, oil stain, release agent and other debris. 24h before grouting, the surface of equipment foundation shall be fully wetted. One hour before grouting, the accumulated water shall be sucked dry

2. Determine the grouting method. According to the actual situation of the equipment base, select the corresponding grouting method, which can be used " Self weight grouting " High level funnel grouting " Or "e; Pressure grouting " Grouting shall be carried out to ensure that the grout can fully fill all corners

3. The formwork shall be erected according to the determined grouting method and grouting construction drawing. The positioning elevation of the formwork shall be at least 50mm higher than the upper surface of the equipment base. The formwork must be erected tightly and firmly to prevent loosening and grout leakage

4. The grouting material shall be mixed with water according to 11% - 13% of the weight of the grouting material, and the water temperature shall be 5 ~ 40 ℃. The mechanical mixing time is generally 1 ~ 2 minutes; When using manual mixing, it is advisable to add 2/3 of the water consumption for mixing for 2 minutes, and then add the remaining water consumption to continue mixing until it is uniform

5. Grouting (1) Grout shall be poured from one side until the other side overflows, so as to facilitate the discharge of air between the equipment base and the concrete foundation and enrich the grouting. Grouting shall not be carried out from four sides at the same time. (2). It is not suitable to vibrate during grouting. If necessary, bamboo strips can be used to pull the diversion. (3). In the process of grouting construction until demoulding, the grouting layer should be prevented from being vibrated and collided, so as to avoid damaging the UN hardened grouting layer

6. Curing (1) within 30 minutes after the completion of grouting, immediately spray curing agent or cover with plastic film and cover with rock wool quilt for curing, or immediately spray water for moisturizing curing after the final setting of the grouting layer. (2) During winter construction, the maintenance measures shall also comply with the relevant provisions of the current code for acceptance of reinforced concrete engineering construction (GB50204)

water cement ratio (amount of water added)

according to 11% - 13% of the weight ratio, for example, 100kg grouting material needs to add 11kg-14kg of water, 13-14kg is recommended for manual mixing, and 11-12kg is recommended for machine mixing

reference consumption

the calculation of reference consumption is based on 2.28-2.4 tons/cubic meter, and the actual consumption is calculated

packaging, storage and transportation

1, 50kg bags, stored in a ventilated and dry place and protected from direct sunlight

2. The shelf life is 3 months. If it exceeds the shelf life, it should be rechecked and qualified before use

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